Vragen over "Animal Expe­ri­ments: Non-EU testing"

Indiendatum: apr. 2020

Question for written answer to the Commission
Rule 138
Anja Hazekamp

According to the 2019 report on the statistics on the use of animals for scientific purposes, in the Member States of the European Union in 2015-2017 published on 7 February 2020, a total of 82,895 tests were conducted to satisfy the requirements of non-EU legislation, including 20,868 uses of rabbits (20% of all regulatory tests on rabbits), 5,180 guinea pigs, 46 uses of dogs and 45 uses of primates.

1) Could the Commission confirm whether any of the tests using rabbits were pyrogenicity, skin irritation or eye irritation tests where there are available non-animal alternatives in the EU?

2) Could the Commission explain why animals are being used for non-EU legislative purposes where there is an alternative method recognized in EU legislation and what it is doing to prevent this happening?