Vraag over de massale slachting van grienden op Faeröer eilanden

Indiendatum: 28 sep. 2021

Every year the mass slaughter of dolphins and whales known as grindadráp occurs in the Faroe Islands. On 12 September 2021, this resulted in the killing of over 1 400 white-sided dolphins. This represents one of the largest single incidents of mass killing of white-sided dolphins in the recorded history of this tradition on the islands and a particularly excessive act of cruelty to animals.

The Faroes are not subject to EU legislation or the Bern Convention, although they enjoy a number of bilateral agreements on fisheries, trade and scientific and technological cooperation. The annual slaughter is also facilitated and supported by Danish officials, and is subject to the relevant EU legislation including the Habitats Directive, which prohibits Member States from all forms of deliberate disturbance, capture, or killing of cetaceans.

1. Does the Commission consider Denmark’s facilitation of the grindadráp a breach of the relevant environmental legislation protecting cetaceans?

2. Will the Commission take appropriate action to encourage an end to this mass slaughter by using the economic tools available to it?

3. Will the Commission work with Member States and international organisations such as the International Whaling Commission to protect white-sided dolphins and pilot whales?

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