Questions on the livestock vessels Elbeik and Karim Allah operating from European ports

Indiendatum: 19 feb. 2021

Two EU approved vessels, Elbeik carrying 1,776 bovines and Karim Allah carrying 895 bovines, left the Spanish ports Tarragona and Cartagena mid-December 2020, were refused approval to enter Libya mid-January 2021 due to sick animals and the suspicion of animals on board affected by bluetongue disease, and have been sailing from port to port for two months [1].

1) What steps did you take since you were informed of this situation by the Animal Welfare Foundation on 12 February, 2021, to end the suffering of the animals on board of these two vessels, and to prevent future similar cases, such as intervene and support national authorities in solving administrative and bureaucratic problems and suspending live animal export?

2) What is the status of your analysis of TRACES data to compile a list of operators with serious and repeated offences and to share this with the national authorities [2], as already requested by the Parliament in 2019 [3]?

3) Will you instruct the competent authorities in Croatia and Romania to withdraw the certificate of approval of the vessels Elbeik and Karim Allah, following these two cases and 14 other detentions since 2000, and notify, without delay, all Member States of this decision [4]?




[4] Regulation 1/2005, Article 26.7h