Amen­de­menten Hazekamp op ontwerp­advies over handels­ge­re­la­teerde aspecten en gevolgen van de uitbraak van COVID-19

14 april 2021

of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development
for the Committee on International Trade
on trade related aspects and implications of COVID-19

Anja Hazekamp

Highlights that the far-reaching exceedance of the carrying capacity of the earth caused several crises worldwide, namely the social justice crisis, the climate crisis, the biodiversity crisis and the current health crisis, and that policy aimed at a rapid return to economic growth is the problem instead of the solution to these crises;

Emphasizes that food is a human right, but wrongly seen as a commodity, and that EU policy should be aimed at providing access to healthy and sustainable food;

Notes that 70 billion farm animals are kept worldwide and transported globally on an ever-increasing scale, and that the industrial livestock system, by concentrating large amounts of fragile and stressed animals in confined spaces, is one of the major risk factors of the outbreak and the spreading of zoonoses and poses therefore great danger to public health; is therefore of the opinion that the EU needs to swift away from the continued intensification of the livestock production to regional and small-scale food production;

Highlights that the COVID-19 pandemics has demonstrated that systemic change is needed in order to address the environmental drivers of pandemics with emphasis on the urgent need to stop illegal, unregulated and high-risk wildlife trade and consumption;

Underlines that the trading and farming of animals living in the wild amplifies risks for public health, combining critical factors for the occurrence of zoonoses; urges the Commission to present legal proposals to ban the import, the trade and the keeping and consumption of wildlife in the EU, in order to reduce the risk of future zoonosis outbreaks;





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