Amen­dement Hazekamp: roept de Europese Commissie en de lidstaten op om het uitfa­seren van het houden van konijnen voor produc­tie­doel­einden na te streven

15 september 2016

Amendment 7

Anja Hazekamp

Motion for a resolution

Minimum Standards for the Protection of Farm Rabbits
PE587.419 - 2016/2077(INI)

Motion for a resolution
Paragraph 1 a (new)


1 a. Emphasises that rabbits, due to their complex intrinsic physiological and behavioural needs are not suited to a life in production systems; Calls upon the Commission and Member States, in close cooperation with all relevant stakeholders, to come forward with a roadmap which aims to phase out the keeping of rabbits for production purposes;




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