Bijdrage mili­eu­com­missie over het bezwaar over­een­komstig regel 112, lid 2&3, tegen uitvoe­rings­ver­or­dening veror­dening van de Commissie tot verlenging van de goed­keuring van de werkzame stof glyfosaat over­een­komstig Veror­dening (EG) nr. 1107/2009

23 oktober 2023

Anja Hazekamp (PvdD):

When there are “unlawful or wanton acts, committed with knowledge that there is a substantial likelihood of severe and either widespread or long-term damage to the environment being caused by those acts”, we speak about ecocide.

The renewal of glyphosate will not only lead to widespread and long-term damage to the environment but will also continue to do severe damage to the health of all living creatures in it.

EFSA concluded that there is a high long-term risk to mammals. Renewing the approval will therefore lead to unacceptable effects to non-target organisms. That is not only immoral, it is illegal.

Furthermore, there is scientific consensus that pesticides can cause Parkinson’s disease, and glyphosate is high on the list of suspects. And yet, this element is not even part of the risk assessment procedure. On the contrary, even in the new call for research, where this blind spot was meant to be addressed, this is being ignored and sabotaged, on purpose as it seems.

Commission, your role is not to protect the billion-dollar profits of Monsanto. Your job is to protect the health of the planet and all her inhabitants. You are failing us and that is unacceptable. So therefor I urge my fellow politicians to be brave and to support our objection.

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