Bijdrage mili­eu­com­missie over REACH

27 april 2023

Anja Hazekamp (PvdD):

Thank you chair.

In every group of people there is an obstructionist, and in this Commission Mr Breton seems to play this role. Whereas this college, with Timmermans, Sinkevicius and Kyriakides at the forefront, presents itself as the Green Deal Commission, Mr Breton seems to insist on presenting himself as the spokesperson for big businesses which are acting as if there is no climate and environmental crisis. Why is that, I wonder?

We have seen in previous policy proposals, including the Chemical Strategy for Sustainability, that DG Grow is slowing down, weakening and undermining the progress we are trying to make. We also see this happening now with the postponement of the much-needed REACH review.

Promised for the end of last year, its completion now seems to be left to a new College of Commissioners and a new Parliament, after next year's elections.

Is that really what this Commission wants to leave as a legacy? The revision of REACH, which will finally allow us to eliminate so many dangerous substances, give sustainable businesses a head start and eliminate all that unnecessary animal testing, is ready, or at least that is what we hear. Commissionair, you might think oh well, this is the environment committee, of course they are complaining but also industry is asking us for this review to be published in June this year. So commissionair are you going to stop your obstructionism and send this REACH proposal in June to this parliament.

Thank you.

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