Vragen over het faci­li­teren van de commer­ciële handel in tijgers en lichaams­delen van tijgers door de EU

Indiendatum: mei 2020

Vraag met verzoek om schriftelijk antwoord aan de Commissie
Artikel 138 van het Reglement
Anja Hazekamp

The report ‘Europe’s second-class tigers’ by animal welfare organisation FOUR PAWS reveals that Member States continue to import and export both, tigers and tiger parts/derivatives, for commercial purposes. During 2014-2018 the Czech Republic, Belgium and Malta exported more than 10 tigers. Belgium and Denmark imported skins, bodies and trophies all under CITES code ‘T’, meaning the items were traded for commercial purposes. The Netherlands issued permits for commercial export of 10 tiger bodies, 15 tiger skins and one trophy to China, where there is a significant demand for tiger parts to produce traditional medicines.

1) Can the commission provide an accurate overview of the numbers of live tigers kept in Europe, and the number of tigers, tiger parts/derivatives that were traded for commercial purposes from and to the EU?

2) CITES CoP14 Decision 14.69 states that tigers should not be bred for trade. It is clear that the CITES decision is not being applied by Member States. Does the Commission agree, that the EU should not contribute to the breeding of tigers for the commercial trade in tigers or their parts?

3) Does the Commission consider to adopt additional measures, including comprehensive bans on all commercial trade in live tigers and all trade in tiger parts?