Questions on translation of EU Zoos Directive Good Practices document

Vraag met verzoek om schriftelijk antwoord aan de Commissie
Artikel 130 van het Reglement
Anja Hazekamp

The 1999/22/EC Zoos Directive relating to the keeping of wild animals in zoos constitutes a crucial legislation for the management of wild animals in captivity by establishing a compulsory and centrally regulated licencing of zoo facilities in EU Member States.

However, reports by NGOs and several Official Complaints against Member States for non-compliance, highlighted the failure of many Member States to implement and enforce this Directive.  

To support practitioners and Member States in implementing the requirements of the Zoos Directive, in July 2015, the European Commission published the EU Zoos Directive Good Practices Document. This long-awaited document is still only available in English, making it inaccessible to relevant stakeholders in many Member States.

EU citizens should have access to EU legislation and key political documents in the official languages of the EU.

1) Does the Commission agree that to significantly improve the level of implementation of this Directive this crucial document must be available in all languages of the EU?

2) What is the reason for this delay and is the Commission planning to translate this document in all languages of the EU?

3) What other measures will the Commission take to improve the welfare of animals kept in zoos?