Amen­dement Hazekamp/Eck: voorstel ter vermin­dering van de nationale emissies van bepaalde lucht­ver­ont­rei­ni­gende stoffen (8)

30 maart 2015

Jan Huitema
Reduction of national emissions of certain atmospheric pollutants and amending Directive 2003/35/EC

Proposal for a directive
COM(2013)0920 - C7-0004/2014 – 2013/0443(COD)

Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development

Amendment 8
Anja Hazekamp, Stefan Eck

Proposal for a directive
Article 5 – paragraph 1

Text proposed by the Commission

1. In order to comply with the intermediate emission levels determined for 2025 in accordance with Article 4, paragraph 2, and the national emission reduction commitments set out in Annex II applicable from 2030 onwards for NOx, SO2 and PM2,5, Member States may offset NOx, SO2 and PM2,5 emission reductions achieved by international maritime traffic against NOx, SO2 and PM2,5 emissions released by other sources in the same year, provided that they meet the following conditions:

(a) the emission reductions occur in the sea areas that fall within the Member States' territorial seas, exclusive economic zones or in pollution control zones if such zones have been established;

(b) they have adopted and implemented effective monitoring and inspection measures to ensure a proper operation of this flexibility;

(c) they have implemented measures to achieve lower NOx, SO2 and PM2,5 emissions from international maritime traffic than the emissions levels that would be achieved by compliance with the Union standards applicable to emissions of NOx, SO2 and PM2,5 and have demonstrated an adequate quantification of the additional emission reductions resulting from these measures;

(d) they have not offset more than 20% of the NOx, SO2 and PM2,5 emission reductions calculated in accordance with point (c), provided that the offset does not result in non-compliance with the national emission reduction commitments for 2020 set out in Annex II.






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