Bijdrage mili­eu­com­missie tijdens gedach­te­wis­seling met Bjorn Hansen, Executive Director van het Europees Agent­schap voor chemische stoffen (ECHA)

2 december 2019

Anja Hazekamp (PvdD): Thank you chair and thank you Dr. Hansen for your presentation. I have a question about the EU Cosmetics Regulation. The EU Cosmetics Regulation adopted in 2013, and which bans animal testing for cosmetic products and their ingredients, was a groundbreaking success.

However, the European Chemicals Agency and the European Commission, are still insisting to test cosmetics' ingredients on animals in the framework of the REACH Chemicals Regulation. And under REACH, animal testing is required for chemicals used in cosmetics when there is 'a possibility of work force exposure during manufacturing processes'. But also for substances used not only in cosmetics, tests on animals are permitted regardless of any worker exposure risk. This practice undermines the Cosmetics Regulation and implies that the REACH Regulation overrules the animal testing ban. And all of this, without informing the consumers properly.

Do you agree Mr. Hansen, that your practices under the REACH Regulation undermine the EU Cosmetics Regulation and the ban on animal testing for cosmetics? And how are you going to solve this major problem, which is also misleading consumers?

Thank you.

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