Bijdrage mili­eu­com­missie over het Gemeen­schap­pelijk Land­bouw­beleid en de Europese Green Deal tijdens gedach­te­wis­seling met Janusz Wojciechowski, Euro­com­mis­saris voor landbouw

4 juni 2020

Anja Hazekamp (PvdD): Thank you Commissioner.

You are sharing my concerns about the negative impact that intensive agriculture has on animal welfare, biodiversity, vulnerability of small scale farmers and the livability of rural areas.

The objectives of the CAP might be in line with the focus of the Green Deal, but in reality the EU’s agriculture policy is nowhere near a sustainable, local, fair and healthy system; a system that causes no harm to humans, animals and the environment. In fact, it increases the risk of zoonotic outbreaks and opens our borders for cheap products produced way below EU standards.

A couple of days ago, the Dutch parliament said “no” to Mercosur, the biggest trade deal in the history of the EU. A historical breakthrough that clearly shows that business as usual has found growing resistance.

Without a drastic reform of the EU’s agricultural and trade policy, it is simply impossible to execute a convincing real Green Deal.

Do you agree, Commissioner?

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