Bijdrage mili­eu­com­missie over een bezwaar op grond van artikel 112: de verlenging van de geldig­heidsduur voor de werkzame stoffen chlo­ro­to­luron en flumi­oxazin

25 september 2019

Anja Hazekamp (PvdD): Thank you.

In fact it is not, the objections are not about all of the substances mentioned in the title. It is mainly about two of them: chlorotoluron and flumioxazin.

Let me give you some general background information. The European legislation says that human health and the environment should be taken care of at all times.

Economic interest should never prevail over the protection of the environment and public health. Shockingly, exactly this is what is happening with the renewals of pesticides. Toxins which are known to be harmful stay on the European market for many years after their authorisation has expired.

Therefore I object to the extension of the approval periods of flumioxazin and chlorotoluron. Flumioxazin is toxic for the Reproduction and is also a known endocrine disruptor. Chlorotoluron is an endocrine disruptor and causes damage to the unborn child. Both are very toxic to the aquatic life with long lasting effects. These facts are confirmed by EFSA and ECHA and have been laid down in the European laws since at least four years.

These facts should have led to the withdrawal of these authorisations by the Commission years ago: Article 21 in the Pesticide Regulation tells them so. But instead they invoke Article 17 and extend the authorisations, six times in a row!

This demonstrates the Commission’s fear of the mighty chemical industry, out of fear that they will sue. I will say to the Commission: let them try. I dare the Commission to put the protection of our vulnerable environment and public health first, and to face the Big Chem in Court. Because they have the scientific facts, the European Parliament and the law at their side if they finally choose to stand up against this industry.

The extensions of hazardous chemicals are in contradiction with pesticide regulations, as only substances which are proven to be safe can be authorised. And it is in conflict with the EU’s Treaties, which enshrines the precautionary principle and obliges the Commission to protect our health and our environment.

So Commission, please stop allowing known harmful pesticides on our fields and on our plates, and withdraw these substances from these extensions. Thank you.

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