Bijdrage land­bouw­com­missie over de weten­schap­pe­lijke adviezen van EFSA over de gezondheid en het welzijn van konijnen

17 februari 2020

Anja Hazekamp (PvdD): Thank you chair and thanks to EFSA for your presentation. I was really shocked when I read the reports on the welfare of rabbits on the European farms and I am still very concerned about their grueling situation after your presentation. Therefore some questions.

Can you confirm that:

- the health and welfare of rabbits on European farms in general is severely affected and that more than ten percent of the animals die?

- that the animals when kept in cages, have inflamed paws and that they are often wounded?

- that they show abnormal behaviour?

Can you confirm that on the farms the sick or weak rabbits are killed by cutting their heads of with knives and scissors, that they are electrocuted, trampled to death of just have their heads crushed by smashing them to the wall?

Can you confirm that even in slaughterhouses specialized in rabbits, the welfare of the animals is not guaranteed?

I asked Commissioner Wojciechowski for a response a few weeks ago, but unfortunately he didn't react to my questions. However, I would like to know what the Commissions' position is as well.

Is the Commission for instance willing to act, as was emphasized in our resolution?

The current situation is ujnacceptable. Do you agree that it is high time that we end the cage age now, and liberate these poor animals?

Thank you.

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