Amen­dement Hazekamp: EU-strategie voor de Adri­a­tische en Ionische regio (3)

17 juni 2015

Norica Nicolai
on an EU strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian region

Draft opinion
PE552.090v02-00 - 2014/2214(INI)

Committee on Fisheries

Compromise amendment 1
Anja Hazekamp, Alain Cadec, Werner Kuhn, Gabriel Mato, Norica Nicolai, Remo Sernagiotto

Draft opinion
Recital B a (new)


Ba. whereas the Adriatic Sea, due to its semi-enclosed nature is especially vulnerable to pollution and has peculiar hydrographic features such as the fact that the depth and coastline vary considerably between the north and south of the region; whereas fish stocks are shared among all the coastal countries, which puts regeneration of the stocks under sustained pressure; whereas measures within the future framework regulation on technical measures in the reformed CFP should be devised on a regional basis and tailor-made to the specificities of this area and its marine resources and fisheries;






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