Amen­dement Hazekamp: EU-strategie voor de Adri­a­tische en Ionische regio (14)

17 juni 2015

Norica Nicolai
on an EU strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian region

Draft opinion
PE552.090v02-00 - 2014/2214(INI)

Committee on Fisheries

Compromise amendment 9
Anja Hazekamp, Clara Eugenia Aguilera García, Renata Briano, Ulrike Rodust, David-Maria Sassoli, Ricardo Serrão Santos

Draft opinion
Paragraph 4 c (new)


4c. Calls on the states involved in the strategy to improve environmental quality through projects aimed at reducing chemical, physical and microbiological pollution, and to jointly develop strategies to decrease (micro) plastics and other litter in the region’s waters, while coordinating clean-up of existing ones, optimising the activities of maritime traffic with the aim of achieving sustainability, protecting biodiversity, investing in marine recovery areas and , addressing the problem of eutrophication from agricultural run-off;






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