Amen­dement Hazekamp/Eck: voorstel ter vermin­dering van de nationale emissies van bepaalde lucht­ver­ont­rei­ni­gende stoffen (15)

30 maart 2015

Jan Huitema
Reduction of national emissions of certain atmospheric pollutants and amending Directive 2003/35/EC

Proposal for a directive
COM(2013)0920 - C7-0004/2014 – 2013/0443(COD)

Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development

Amendment 15
Anja Hazekamp, Stefan Eck

Proposal for a directive
Annex 3 – section 1 – part A – point 1 – point i a (new)

Text proposed by the Commission


(i a) Promotion of grazing, extensive farming and enhancing the pasture biodiversity


Intensive livestock farming practices are cause for high levels of emissions of ammonia and methane and should therefore be discouraged and reduced.




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