Questions on the negative social- and environmental impacts of MHP facilities and the expansions thereof

Vraag met verzoek om schriftelijk antwoord
aan de Commissie
Artikel 128 van het Reglement

Anja Hazekamp

Directorate General for Food and Safety (DG SANTE) has conducted an audit in Ukraine on "Poultry meat and related products" in March 2018 (Reference number 2018-6453). DG SANTE gives no information online, but the company Myronivsky Hliboproduct (MHP) stated on its website "The European Commission confirmed conformance of the MHP products to the highest international standards" [1].

MHP is in the center of controversy in Ukraine as a recipient of large state subsidies and loans of over 500 million Euros from public European banks, such as the European Investment Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development [2]. Independent media and civil society reports suggest that MHP’s environmental and social impact do not respect Ukrainian and EU standards at all [3,4,5,6].

1) What were the findings of DG SANTEs visit to LLC Vinnitsia Poultry Farm, PrJSC, Myronivska Poultry Farm, Lehko Myronivsky Meat Processing Factory in March 2018, and when will these be publicly available?

2) Are the negative social- and environmental impacts of MHP’s facilities and the expansions thereof, reported by media and NGO’s, reason for suspending the imports of poultry meat and related products from MHP?