Questions on provision of funds in the reformed CAP to assist farmers in transitioning away from animal production

Vraag met verzoek om schriftelijk antwoord
aan de Commissie
Artikel 128 van het Reglement

Anja Hazekamp (GUE/NGL), Maria Noichl (S&D)

EU farmers must be assisted in adjusting their production due to changes in dietary habits and consumer demand, with the trend towards reduced meat diets and the growing popularity of plant-based alternatives to traditional animal products. It is essential the CAP protects livelihoods in rural communities that are currently dependent on animal production. The market for plant-based meat and dairy alternatives is growing rapidly, with plant-based meat predicted to reach a global net worth of €4.2bn by 2020 and dairy to hit €12.3bn by 2022. Europe is currently the largest market for meat substitutes with a 39% global market share. Lab-grown or ‘clean’ meat, which is predicted to be available on the market in the coming years, also has the potential of taking a sizeable share of the EU protein market.

Could the Commission confirm:

1) Whether funds will be allocated to a grant scheme under Pillar II of the reformed CAP to assist farmers in transitioning away from the production of animal products to crop production for human consumption?

2) Whether such funds could allow for the provision of equipment and training in news skills required for farmers who are currently farming animals to transition to the production of food crops?