Plan B for Europe

23 May European Parli­ament Elections

Green, progressive and Eurosceptic: choose Plan B, because there is no Planet B.
Join the growing resistance! Vote Party for the Animals on 23 May.

  • Europe should stop spending billions in subsidies on agriculture and fisheries.
  • Every effort should be made to fight climate change.
  • Europe should prioritise the interests of people, animals and the environment over those of banks and multinationals.
  • Journey times for animal transport should not exceed two hours, and animals should not be allowed to be transported to countries outside the EU.
  • Aid should be provided to people fleeing from famine, drought and violence, or to people who are persecuted for their beliefs or sexual orientation.
  • Agricultural chemicals should be prohibited. Investments should be made in sustainable agriculture.
  • Europe should be more democratic and better monitored.
  • Overfishing and pollution of our oceans should be combated.
  • Europe should take careful consideration of their citizens’ privacy and freedom.
  • The EU should not allow any new Member States. Brussels will not gain more power.